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General Dentistry

Image0062Research continues to strengthen the case that your overall health is tied directly to your oral health. Not only does Dr. Scott Allman and our team offer the general dentistry service you would expect (fillings, dental hygiene, root canals, etc.), but we take extra precautions to make sure you maintain optimal oral health and get ahead of any more serious issues before they become major problems through general dentistry.

A visit to the local dentist is not about just fixing broken teeth any more. Dr. Allman and his dentistry team have the know-how as well as the technology that is needed to insure that you get the oral health you need. As you well know, good dental hygiene is important to your overall health, incorporating a well balanced diet of nutritious fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins along with lots of water, is extremely important in supporting eminent oral health which will ultimately create an overall sense of well being.

You are worthy of more than an average dentist. What you deserve is a top-notch, world-class, and compassionate dentist that works with a superb team of dental hygiene professionals. Call Dr. Allman today and set an appointment at Gallery 32 Dental Arts.

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