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Root Canals

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Stopping The Toothache In Atlanta With Root Canal Treatment

It is amazing how strong teeth are and for how long they can remain in their naturally beautiful state. But insufficient dental hygiene can eventually lead to a ruined teeth, and a great deal of discomfort or toothache. Why? The bacteria in your mouth overwhelm the durable surfaces of your teeth, when left unattended. When sugars are left coating the teeth with the bacteria, decay sets in quicker. Cavities eventually result. Toothache becomes severe. Before you know it, you are in need of a root canal or multiple root canals at our Atlanta office.

If cavities are left untreated, the tooth surface keeps wearing away until the nerve becomes exposed. At this point, it seems sensible to get rid of the tooth, in order to get rid of the toothache to some of our Atlanta and Buckhead patients. But that is not always the best choice. You will need your teeth later when you want to chew. If you pull too many teeth, and your facial structure will almost certainly change and your friends in Atlanta will notice. You may even lose important bone mass in your jaw. Other toothache or pains in the jaw sometimes cause headaches which may be due to TMJ or TMD.

Why Root Canals?

Root canals were invented to preserve your tooth and stop toothache, while removing the infected, painful nerve pulp which is inside the “canal” of the “root” of your tooth. This is where the term “root canal” comes from. Once the nerve pulp is removed, the root canal dentist in Atlanta seals the root canal, and usually does some work to restore the natural, healthy shape of your tooth. This will stop the toothache and pain.

How Do I Choose A Root Canal Dentist In Atlanta?

Some believe rumors that root canals are a long, difficult process. This can be true, because when the root canal dentist is inexperienced, simple procedures can go wrong and cause suffering for the patient.

Dr. Scott Allman is a third generation root canal dentist. He has 1500 extra course hours under his belt in the most modern and comfortable dentistry methods including root canals. He recognizes the importance of your being treated with proper root canal and dental care by a pro to receive the most efficient and comfortable treatment possible. When you have a severe toothache and don't want more toothache for the future, its important to go to a Atlanta root canals specialist who knows what they are doing. Contact us today in the Atlanta area to schedule an appointment.

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