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Sleep Apnea And Snoring

Sleep Apnea And SnoringIs snoring loudly during sleep a persistent problem in your immediate family? Have you consulted your physician about this but still the snoring recurs?

Your family member might be experiencing a sleep apnea. This is a common type of sleep disorders wherein a person's breathing stops when they are sleeping. Because of this pause in breathing, there is an imbalance of oxygen level in the blood, causing the person to awake partially and struggle to breath. As a result, loud snoring or choking sensations occur. This is common among our patients.

Many Individuals Don't Realize That Sleep Disorders Like These Are Life Threatening

There are two kinds of sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and OSA. Central sleep apnea is where there is a failure to send brain signals to breathe. OSA happens when the tissues in the upper throat blocks the throat, thereby blocking the passage of air. This type of sleep apnea is more common among sleeping disorders.

Dr. Allman and our staff are more than capable of treating this disorder. Backed with sufficient education and specialization, our staff knows how to diagnose and resolve this disorder.

Equipped with latest machines and devices, our office provides patients with the best solutions possible to treat these disorders. We will assess your sleep apnea, snoring or sleep disorder and offer you recommendations and treatment. Many people would be surprised to know that sleeping disorders can be cured through oral and dental procedure.

Stop Your Sleep Apnea Today

At Gallery 32 Dental Arts, we are more than ready to help you with any sleep disorders you may effected by, ensuring the next time you sleep there will be no snoring or gasping struggles.

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