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TMDSevere headaches or migraines may be caused by TMD or temporomandibular joint syndrome. This can stem from a bite problem so our teeth are involved. This is caused by several factors such as jaw clenching,tooth grinding or having an improper bite. Injury to the jaw, extensive chewing and joint dislocation may also contribute to TMD, requiring TMD treatment.

When there is already an inflammation in the jaw because of misalignment, people can experience headaches. Some may look at this as a minor problem but the truth is this may have serious negative consequences to our dental health. One should undergo an immediate and proper TMD treatment to resolve this issue.

Although some headaches or pains would be alleviated by medications it is best to visit a dentist, as this may be a recurring struggle that will need more than medicine to resolve. Medicines are mere temporary solutions to permanent pain or headaches. TMD treatment will actually solve the problem.

Here at Gallery 32 Dental Arts in Atlanta, GA we can diagnose TMD-induced pain and help you deal with the problem. The causes of TMD vary based on the individual, thus we offer custom-built TMD treatment just for you. This is the benefit of advancement in technology which our TMD clinic is endowed with.This is how we value each Buckhead client that comes to us.

We will discuss the problem with you and based on our assessment, we may recommend some basic behavioral changes to relieve the grinding and clinching pressures of TMD, which causes toothache, headaches, and jaw pain. This treatment may involve a restorative procedure to ensure that your teeth and jaw are aligned and in good condition to prevent further TMD symptoms. We may also prescribe some mild medications to relieve headaches and other pain as a part of the TMD treatment. Physical therapy may also be needed.

Our highly-skilled TMD dentists and TMD staff are happy to assist you in dealing with this issue. We we want to help you eliminate your headaches and be pain free.

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